Monday, February 25, 2008

Good news! And bad news :-(

I'll start with the bad news because I know when someone asks, I'd prefer the lift of the good news at the end.

Bad news is DH had an interview. Super, right? Ya, maybe, until they divulged the pay rate. ~sigh~ How are people supposed to live on these rates of pay? Am I really out of the loop because he was a Teamster before? And then, to add insult to injury, you have to pay through the nose for health insurance, weekly. Um, ya, and how am I supposed to pay bills with that? Ugh. I dunno....

To the good news!! My etsy shop has started off with a *Bang*! I listed items on Saturday and, by Sunday, I had my first sale! Then, today, I sold another item. Oh, it's so exciting! And feels very rewarding to share something from my own two hands. And someone wants it! It's a lift, that's for sure :-)

Feel free to stop in my store! Anything you'd like to see? Or think I should have in there? Let me know

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Leigh said...

I know I am late but, CONGRATS!!!!