Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Homeschool Days

After a particularly fun day at homeschooling coop group, a bunch of us toodled off to Old Sturbridge Village for Homeschooling Days. The boys were signed up for cooking and woodworking and Lil Lady was just tagging along. Firstly, it was COLD. You can't see from these pictures but there were icicles EVERYWHERE, even along this stream. What a view...

Before the scheduled classes, you could attend a storytime of favorite tales regarding George Washington! We meandered our way over there. First, we all had to stop at the mills and check out the amazing icicle structures. And boy, were there many! We got to the right building in due time but we had to leave early because of our class :-( Disappointing. However, the boys both had *great* products. "Puppy Feet", as my husband likes to call him, put together a DELICIOUS spice cake for Washington's birthday- that was cooked in an 'oven' by the fire! And my oldest made a 'dibble'. In case you didn't know (I sure didn't!), it's a tool used for planting seeds or young seedlings.

It was a nice time. I was glad Daddy was there because Lil Lady was a fadin' fast between the cold, the tired feet, and the long day we'd already had. He stayed back with her while we did the majority of our walking. Looks like he caught a pretty cute picture of the four of us.. see below..


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