Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ok, so many of you out there knew this WAY before me. Call me 'slow' if need be. All those amazing dresses from Lil Lady's history.. the boutique dresses from Grannie, the perfectly chosen dress from that online flea market, etc etc... I passed them to Lil Lady's godmother's daughter. They then returned. And multiplied!! And all my favorites came back. Definately well-worn. We're talking two toddlers worth! Some had some stains.

What to do.. what to do..

~Insert light bulb here~ Hello!!! I know!! Cut up that great fabric and make *another* item for Lil Lady and get to enjoy those fabrics all over again!

Is this great, or what??!!? Paisleys for the top, flowers for the middle and plaid for the bottom! I can barely wait to finish my *first* twirly skirt. Oh and I found an AMAZING tutorial! Bookmark this, Friends!

Until later.................

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