Friday, February 8, 2008

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Life is a wild ride, isn't it? Mine is anyway.

Ever think about yourself and delve into what you've learned along the way? I am *such* a talker. I've often left conversations and gotten the feeling "Sheesh, I talked too much again." I work daily to try to maintain a balance LOL Those who know me are laughing, I know they are, and with good reason. The fact is, though, that I, under certain circumstances, can relish the moment when staying quiet is the strength at that time.

One thing my mother taught me was regarding motherhood. She said that when I was a teenager, she'd just listen. She found if she just listened, I'd divulge more and more and then she'd have a grasp of where I was at the time.

It's something to consider. Both in motherhood and outside of motherhood

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