Friday, July 31, 2009


Gotta love little boys and their fascination for trucks. My nephew is no exception!

He comes to visit "Aunt Ton-EE" often but today was an extra special treat. On his way out to the car to head back home, a truck came down the road and stopped right in front of the house. Inside was no other than Uncle Stan!! (ahem, hubby)

I'll say no more--the pics say it all. The child was completely awestruck! :-)

The cousins had to get in on the action too!Then Daddy drove them across the driveway--a whole 20 feet or so!~

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pattern Tester

I'm loving it! I am part of something kind of exciting-- I was able to test a pattern for an online sewing mama friend. I like the thought of being there from the 'ground up' with the development of this hat.

Oh yeah, big deal but it was fun anyway!

It's called Lucy's Cloche and it's in the infancy stage but can be seen and found here soon.

Making this hat for Lil Lady was really very fun. She has just turned 6 and starting to have her own opinions on what she will and won't wear. (I knew my days were numbered) This hat is completely adorable on her. Here's a preview of my interpretation: