Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Deed

Today was the day I had signed up for Interfaith Hospitality Network dinner making. I'd signed up to make my homemade self-drafted recipe for Honey Sesame Chinese Chicken, fried rice, and veggies.

I can't tell you how killer my Honey Sesame Chicken is. It's always a huge hit. More work than I usually put into cooking but well worth the effort. And it turned out that way again.

Everyone loved it, even the children. One of the people said it was a meal they'd 'definately remember'. Another said, "I'm thankful for the food every night but it can be a lot of the same thing. This was really good."

I was glad to give something back. I was glad to nurture these homeless families in need. I was glad to fill their bellies with something tasty, healthy, and full of love.

Here's the basic recipe. Sorry, I truly do not measure ingredients so good luck!

Honey Sesame Chicken

2 lbs boneless chicken
3/4 c flour
salt and pepper
1/2 c Soy sauce (I prefer braggs amino acids)
1/4 c water
1/4- 1/2 c Honey
A few drops of hot sauce (optional)
Sesame seeds

Trim and cut boneless chicken into bite size pieces. Heat oil in a skillet. While heating, coat chicken in flour seasoned with salt and pepper. Cook in oil, turning, until browned and cooked through (approx 5-7 mins). Set cooked chicken aside.

In same skillet, pour about 1/2 c soy sauce and 1/4 c water. Bring to a simmer. Pour in honey and stir. Let simmer until slightly reduced. (add a few drops of hot sauce, even my kids love the tiny kick!) Return cooked chicken to the pan and gently fold over in the sauce, coating the chicken.

Once coated, put on a platter and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have an addiction..

To Fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it's true. I'd have never thought it would happen to me but it has. In a bad way. I've gotten better. I sell something THEN buy more fabric but, alas, the money goes directly to fabric.

And what amazing fabric there is out there. Do you have any idea? If you don't sew, you may have a hard time understanding my unhealthy affection for fabric. Here's today's score--

The first is just a knit but half off of the red tag? Oh yes! I'm thinking Olivia dress with applique.. :D. The second one was under $1.50 and the pic does it no justice! The third is the softest most adorable Hippo knit, I mean come on! Who wouldn't love that?? The fourth.. oh my.. the fourth almost didn't come home with me. Long story short, I landed it as a remnant- 50% off $13 a yard, (that's a HIGH original price!). Can you see the wonderful horses embroidered on it? I'm in LOVE! And then the next, are those the cutest little animals on cordouroy you've ever seen? I've yet to see if Lil Lady thinks she's too big for it. She is Hannah Montana's biggest 5 yr old fan, after all. The last is another wonderful cordouroy. I think it would look great as a jumper or a skirt with a pink top.

Fabric makes me happy. LOL Ok laugh all you want. Sewing Mamas out there know! And the fact that I sold a bunch of stuff to buy the fabric is pretty cool too.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I did a search and found this--

A concise, short read.

I ask you, my internet friends, to please add me and my family to your prayers. I'm confused as to why I have so many tests right now and I want it to stop with every fiber of my being. Any strength I can obtain would be wonderful.

Trying, still, to count my blessings..

Friday, July 4, 2008



transitive verb

1: to permit or cause to leave
2: to remove from position or service :
3 a: to reject serious consideration of b: to put out of judicial consideration

Dismiss. Kind of an interesting word.

Meaning 1.
Remember being a kid in school or college? "Class was dismissed early today!" Was there any better feeling in the world than being 'dismissed'?

Meaning 2.
Not quite so thrilling. "Dismissed" from a job. Kind of the same as meaning 3 To reject serious considerating of

Ever been 'dismissed' in a conversation? Eek, it's a nasty feeling, isn't it? I'll admit it. I'm guilty of the act of being far superior and acting in a 'dismissive' way. It's not so grand when you are on the other side of that. "I can give you a few more minutes" Ick. Sounds yucky, doesn't it?

So therefore, I have come up with another goal for myself. To not act 'dismissive' to anyone. I'll add it to my character flaws that I'm currently working on.

(To recap, "Things to be thankful for" is a big one that's been a work in progress for a few years now)