Friday, February 8, 2008

I feel the need to catch up!

Now that I've delved into the 'blog' world, I feel the need to catch up a little!
Today we went to a local science museum out here. We even went for free with our First Night Buttons! Gotta love that.
Well, upon further investigation, uploading pictures to my blog is a PITA, sadly. The server saves them in MUCH too big of a format for me to post. I'd have to adjust them first.
Which isn't fun. And I don't feel like doing. Blah.
So I can't share pictures with you at this point, just yet. But I can tell you, this is a lovely Sunday, with just enough snow falling, just enough activity for the chitlins. I will get back to my Valentine's Day dress creation and, hopefully, finish it today! I *will* adjust settings so I can post pictures of that though~
However, I *am* excited about the next venture I would like to tackle. Ever seen Sew what! fleece? We got it from the library. I drooled over it while I was attempting to complete mega amounts of Christmas gifts. Then, it was misplaced. It ended up in our trash compactor but we only use it for paper recycling so it was safe! There's a shirt in there that I'm dying to create. For me. For a change.
Anyway, I digress. And I am procrastinating those dress sleeves.
Until later....

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