Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Events

What a day!! We didn't have homeschool coop group today but we booked ourselves solid!

We started out at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens at a "Let Worms Eat Your Garbage" class. I forgot my camera all day today and I'm so bummed about it! The three kids all made a mini-compost heap for our home in large cool whip containers. It started out with a 'bed' of ripped damp newspaper and a spoonful of soil. Then, the instructor added the worms! Puppy Feet has already put in an apple core (not a big shock, the kid must eat 3 a day). I donated coffee grounds to the cause and part of an avocado peel. VERY neat, to say the least.

Then my sister came by with my nephew. The kids always love seeing him and he was such a little charmer. I made sure I saved her a piece of pumpkin cake (beyond yummy) that I made from the same recipe for her birthday and we, of course, ran by Duffy's for a quick baby food run. They didn't have any (always hit or miss at Duffy's) but there were other finds to be had!

To top off the day, tonight we went to the Worcester Public Library to see The Dragon King by Tanglewood Marionettes. I've never seen such a well performed show! The sets were magnificent, the puppets and puppeteers did a bang up job, and the surprises and extras were the topping on the cake! If you ever have the chance to see them, GO! I wouldn't miss a performance by them even if it wasn't free (like this time)!

Not bad for a Tuesday, I'd say :-)

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