Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday's Stampin' Up!

Today, one of my girlies (short for girlfriends) was having a Stampin' Up! show at her house. Well, life happens and when it's vomit, no one wants at your house! So I offered my house to her and she left the sick chitlin home with Dad.

There were a bunch of women, laughing, eating, all the stuff women do, at my house. We did two samples, as you can see! What fun! I, of course, made my candy stuffer thingie backwards but, hey, it's still cute, isn't it?

Do tell me though. What's all the rage with stamps anyway? My girlie asked me what I liked (probably to make a kind gesture) and I said, eh, I'll come to your house to stamp! I guess, truly, a person can have only SO many hobbies! The next post will debut mine.

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