Sunday, August 29, 2010

DMK Stylish Double Breasted Coat

Hi Everyone,

Long time, no post! Well, been busy but let me update you on the latest good news!

I have always loved all things double breasted. It's probably the guido Cranston (RI) girl in me! I saw this pattern and just couldn't say no. It was a bear for me to accomplish (bit of slap happy user error on my part) but I did finish it! Lil Lady loves it and I was able to enter it into a contest that DMK (dear my kids) was having.

I won the '4th prize' because I entered but hey, look at the nice badge I have now! And I get to pick pattern for free.. Thanks for a wonderful contest and a very kind pattern designer! And, if you hurry, you can vote for your favorite in the finalist competition here.

Lil Lady is on the upper left corner and I'll put more pictures of the coat below. Super cute! Next time I'll make sure the sleeves are longer.