Friday, April 18, 2008


So, those who are keeping score, *and I know you are out there ~wink wink~* the show was a 'hit'! I got two orders, one for 4 dresses, one for an outfit and sold a dress on the spot. Not too bad, although I would have liked to have spread the word a little more..

There's a flea market at First Baptist Church in Oxford on May3. I'm debating... flea markets are for serious bargain shoppers.. My dresses aren't expensive at *all* but I wouldn't call them 'bargains'. They are handmade gems stitched with love, Gosh Darn It! ;-)

Speaking of which, Lil Lady has barely any spring/ summer wardrobe. What does this new Fangled Mama do with herself when Lil Lady has nothing to wear?

Why curse and growl and FINISH this shirt and then throw some shorts together to match, that's what!

I'm looking at these pictures and totally realizing that this pattern runs VERY large. As you can tell, once it's wearable, she won't let me alter it-- I'll sneak it back before it gets back to her drawer.. but this is the final picture, the one she approved after checking that the 'curtsy' was just right..

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Leigh said...

Great job!!!

I am having an itty bitty giveaway if you are interested, just pop over!