Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

So frequently, we can take EVERYTHING for granted. I can be a pretty negative person and have made it my mission the past handful of years to really grasp "things to be thankful for"..

Everything that happens to us has a good side, no matter what. There is a blog out there that makes me laugh and she really seems to grasp that mentality and run with it. Go visit her!

Here, on this lazy Saturday, sitting at my inlaws' new home on the Cape, I'm listing what I'm thankful for:

~the cool breeze blowing in on my right arm
~the company of family, all healthy and happy
~I know where my almost 13 yr old is (--this is an important one to remember when our wee ones are driving us batty)
~knowing that I have sewing projects waiting for me at home
~the smell of a yummy dinner cooking
~the chatter of my almost 5 yr old talking to her grandmother
~the delight of my almost 9 yr old, running up the stairs

I wish you blessings. Many. Just take the time to count them.


Leigh said...

Oh, I love the things you are thankful for!!!!! What a great post!!!!!

I am blushing, but so totally enjoying this post more now (Just Kidding!) that I clicked that link! But, if you could have seen the look on my face, when I clicked it! Ha, just totally not expecting myself, arghahahaha!!!

Hopefully, this will give you another reason to be happy today???!!!??? I am putting your blog on my yummy blog list!!! I think a lot of folks could take notes from you!!!!

Kris! said...

As Spring enters the world, Easter not too far behind, remembering all our blessings keeps our lives in perspective. Beautiful post.

EverythingIveGot said...

Thanks, Leigh! I'm really excited to be added to 'the ranks'!

Thanks, Kris. Missed you on Tuesday and was too full for your mom's lasagna! Waaaa..