Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time flies...

.. when you are sewing your fool head off!! LOL

An abbreviated list of pros and cons to having your husband unemployed:


The mortgage can be difficult to pay

You can sew as much as your lil heart desires because there is another adult in the house to take care of children :)

LOL Oh yes, I've been busy. Sometimes I wonder with what... besides making mistakes and becoming overly friendly with my seam ripper..

Here's a little preview:

Hair Clippies~fully lined and heat sealed, of course

Jewelry rolls for a custom order and to fill my etsy shop:

And this little number:A little background:

I've delved into the wonderous land of Etsy. I'm learning the ropes and protocol and looking to sell.. sell.. SELL!~ It's so fun to put all this love and energy into something for a special someone who likes your item enough to trust you to provide it for them~ :) Ok ok, I'm gushing..

This capelet that I've created for Lil Lady is a prototype for an order I am filling for 4 faux fur capelets for a wedding! I wanted to get my hands wet, so to speak, and know this pattern and it's drawbacks before I cut into *the* faux fur, which has been no easy feat to find. (not that I've officially found it yet, I'm hoping to have a local store order it for me)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I've been busy :) and excited about it. I simply love my sewing room and it's fun set up with a new coat of paint. The part where I can leave a project and not have to clean it up is probably the *best* part of all. :) So I must get good at this Etsy thing so I can feed my serious fabric addiction *and* help pay that mortgage, all in one!

Until later...

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