Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Delights of Homeschooling

Ok ok, that *is* pretty mushy and, frankly, not always true (such as now when I can hear children arguing over something arbitrary) but there are those days when I relish being a Homeschooling Mom over anything else I've ever done.

Here are some great pictures to share where Lil Lady and Puppy Feet are out in my garden (unstarted) digging out "woh-ms". Lil Lady hasn't mastered the 'r' sound yet and she sounds quite Long Island-ish!

And, to add another funny note, Lil Lady woke up the next day reporting that she had a dream about worms and she *was* a worm and she was the biggest worm! About two feet long! "It was fun!"

Please take note to where the Princess is situated and where her servant is....



Leigh said...

Mushy or not, I totally agree with you about homeschooling!!

Hahahaha, the Princess is just classic!!

Kris! said...

Do you have "Diary of a Worm?" Very funny book, and even though the worm is a boy, Li'l Lady may find it amusing, too.

EverythingIveGot said...

Thanks, Leigh! You should see her in person. Those boys know how to cater (and to not cater too LOL)

Kris, we LOVE that book around here! The part where he says that not-so-savory comment about his sister has me stifling guffaws everytime!