Friday, April 11, 2008

A Sneak Preview..

So tomorrow night is the big night for Tonya's Temptations' debut! It's a fun raiser for cancer at the K of C on Central St in Auburn 6-9! Come one, come all..
Ok, this is kind of late notice but still.. just look at some of what I'm bringing! You'd be crazy to miss it!

Going clockwise, the cover for a weighted lap pad, a peasant blouse, a sundress, a blanket for the raffle, bibs and wipies, oodles of headsocks down at the bottom there, and lastly, a rainbow burpie, wipie and bib set at 9 oclock. Oh and ribbons in the center!

I don't remember that last time I was this nervous! I want to create for about three more weeks and THEN I'll be ready..?.. probably not..

It's mostly for me to get my name and face out there. I've been doing pretty well casually advertising myself so this should be an extra boost! And an extra dose of "Thanks, Guys!" to my friends and, especially, family for dealing with me while I take every possible moment to create!

Love you!!

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Leigh said...

I am wishing you huge success!!!