Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Feliz and all it's glory!

Fri am the last of my custom orders were sent out. Fri pm I spent tracing the pattern for the Feliz dress and then cutting the fabric.

Saturday-- I spent the ENTIRE day sewing this puppy. The patterns from Farbenmix are in German first and translated over. I do not know if that's part of the reason why this was SO DIFFICULT to follow. Many other sewers have had this problem, hence why I googled "Feliz tutorial" and, thanks to the vast web, found this kind soul. I kept her pages open and ran back to the computer over and over. Sure, had some margin of error still. For instance, where, oh WHERE, does it say ONE time to attach the front middle of the underdress?? At least it was an easy error to correct and this is my final product! I'll definately be making this again. Especially with my treasured Tillbrook Fairies fabric.

(sorry, pics are kinda crummy. I'll try to get better)

Ribbon added. Snowflakes on hemline.

Twirl shot! Thanks for looking!

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