Saturday, December 20, 2008

And today's sample with "custom orders" update

And here's the view out my back deck today! And it's still snowing..Rare pic of dh~~~>
What exactly is that boy shoveling? The back yard...?
And Lil Lady clearing off my van..Custom Orders. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love being able to be artistic with my 'meduim', love getting the chance to share my work, and love getting more money for my fabric habit! But, the relief I felt when I handed over the last batch of shipments to my PO worker on Friday morning was palpable! It was invigorating yet demanding and a teensy bit stressful..
Now, for the gallery! Isn't that the cutest? Made for a little blonde and embroidered by my friend(thanks, J!)
Sorry, crummy pic-- these are just a few of the weighted blankets I made for Christmas orders.

These wooden ring teethers were a hot seller!

And a totally fun order for the wackiest, wildest dress I could think of for a special little girl whose mom found me on etsy. I made the "santa" shirt too!

A little ipod holder for a swap with another etsian. I can't wait to get her product to give as a gift to my sister! (I won't link it in case she checks my blog ;-P)

Plus the others I made and shipped too quickly to take pictures of. I had a very successful season this year and am very thankful. It was nice to not only spend money but to make money too. But boy, with T minus 5 days left, I'm sure glad the custom orders are done and I can start to make a gift or two!

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