Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This has been one HECK of a year for my family. It was last year at this time that we just came off of a 3 month no-job-barely-any-income status to a yes-job-barely-any-income status. This has been a good month, financially, and we are all sighing big but the battle is still ahead. We are working with an agency to try to get our mortgage situation back on track. Yes, we are 'the' statistic out there, with people struggling to make mortgage payments and the "foreclosure reaper" hanging out on the back deck.

BUT, we have even more to be thankful this year. DH and I are a million times more humble than we were last year. A million times more faithful. A million times more grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Truly.

Not to be corny but my etsy shop has a Black Friday special going on right now- 15% off everything-- in store or custom order.

And, finally, to toss it all in one post:

Love you and miss you 7 years, Mom. XOX


Suzanne said...

It's great when our trials make us not only stronger but more appreciative. God Bless Tonya! Will be praying for your family:-)

Anonymous said...

Your mom would be proud of the intelligent, innovative, thoughtful woman you have become. And so am I. You are in my thoughts these days. I am glad has carried you through this year with love and hope.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bout that. I meant to write God has carried you through this year with love and hope. Been one of those weeks.

Kris said...

I am giving you the Butterfly Award, a pass-it-along type blog award.

See At Home Science for the details :o)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I miss your pithy insights; when are you going to blog some more brilliant Tonya-isms?