Monday, November 10, 2008

So Many Pictures!!

We had a spectacular weekend. It's nice to even be able to say that.

Saturday, we had a church fair and picked up a great fare-- tape player for Puppy Feet, homemade pickle for LilLady, a Barbie sewing machine (more later), and some yummy treats. The oldest didn't find anything, which put him out immensely.

The sewing machine came home and LilLady was very excited to use it! It works but likes to be threaded. And re-threaded. And re-threaded. Oh, and rethreaded. But she did make the three sides to this pillow, fill it with scraps, and then let me teach her how to hand sew.

On Sunday, we had an opportunity to go to Worcester Art Museum with some friends. They had sculpture making, bulb planting, a scavenger hunt and snacks! The two younger children and I went and it was truly a really nice afternoon.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Just Me said...

Look at the looks of concentration on their sweet faces!

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