Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've been tagged!

Does this mean I've truly 'arrived' in Blogland?

Anyway, here's my assignment :-)

A. I've been tagged by Sabrina of She's another SewingMama- which is another amazingly cool and inspiring place to be a member of. In checking out her blog recently, I see she won a contest (I LOVE blog contests!) by Dawn of, another SewingMama that I've gotten inspiration from. Go and visit her too! Sabrina tagged her, as well. Sabrina also posted a recipe that I am itching to try!

Now to my assignment:

B. 7 Random/Weird Things about me (oh boy!LOL):

1. I am a Virgo and, while not neat and tidy by any stretch, I am VERY particular about certain things. For example, I hate my bed and sheets all messed up. I really have a hard time getting comfortable if the sheets and blankets aren't 'just so'(which is not like my dh at all, btw)

2. At age 14, I went to LiveAid with my cousins in PA and had the time of my life! I saw all kinds of legends-- Tina Turner, Mick Jagger-- and saw my all time favorite band member, John Taylor, who I LOVED at the time more than the air I breathe! He was in both DuranDuran and The Power Station performing that day. ~dreamy sigh~ I still think he's 'the bomb'. He even shares my Dad's birthday, how funny is that?

3. I am motherless and have been since the age of 31. Ok, that's a sad random fact but true. She died 7 years ago this week and I don't know how the time has passed so quickly and so slowly all at the same time. I've still not gone through her effects yet (the ones we moved here after we cleaned out the house).

4. Let's get more upbeat.. Those who only know me in Blogland don't know that I'm just a hair under 6ft tall. I didn't always love it but I do now. I love that I don't need a step stool to reach something and that I don't even own one. I don't love trying to buy pants that are long enough but I do love wearing heels and commanding a room when I walk in (ok that's a total secret .. shh.. LOL)

5. I'm a Survivor Junkie. Yes, it feels like one of those things you start with "My name is Tonya and I am a Survivor Junkie" I've followed every season and missed very few shows. When I have, I catch up with them online.

6. I am a people watcher. Yep, I'm a total nose-bag LOL. I love to watch people and how they interact and how they talk to each other and their children. And then compare it to our wacky ways of dealing with things LOL

7. And lastly, when given the choice 15 years ago whether I wanted a diamond engagement ring or a honeymoon in Ireland, I chose the honeymoon in Ireland. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my lifetime and I ache to get the opportunity to go back again someday. I told my dh "I'd rather go to Ireland than have a rock on my finger any day!" I'd been engaged one time before and had a ring and it really didn't mean anything so I learned then that objects over experiences isn't usually what I am looking for. So, 14 years of marriage later, I've never had a diamond engagement ring. And I don't care.

There you have it! That last one was more like a 'two-fer'.

Now for those who are getting tagged! ;-)

1. The StoneAged Techie -I met Karen and her boys at a great outdoor event at Capen Hill

2. LoveLeighThings -A terrific blogland friend with a very fun blog to visit!

3. CheryinMA -A friend IRL and a fellow homeschooler of which I could visit her blog more often if her music didn't crash my cruddy system everytime LOL

4. BlueberryCottage -Another friend IRL whose blog I like to visit for inspiration to be a more mindful parent- a mission that I am on every day.

5. Vegbee - Not only does she blog adorable pics of her babies, she has a fabulous blog that I go back to frequently! Tutes Galore!!

6. Kip - Another SewingMama who sews for boys only! What a concept! I admire her for doing what I usually don't-- heehee. I save most my sewing for beautiful girlie things but, ahem, I do have THREE men here. ~shaking head~

7. Aiti -Yet another SewingMama who does AMAZING work, sells on HyenaCart and Etsy, works with many hard to find fabrics and I won a gift certificate at her blog!

And there you have it, Ladies! Tag, you're it!


Dawn said...

Awww, thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog! I was a huge Duran Duran fan too! I was absolutely convinced that I was going to marry John Taylor and my best friend and I even traveled to England to see them in concert in the 80's....ahhh back when music was actually good!!!

Suzanne said...

I know I did this one and it is somewhere on my blog:-) Very interesting info on you, I didn't know you visited IReland. I am with you, rather travel than have the diamond:-)

The Stone Age Techie said...

Thanks Tonya for tagging me - I hope that things continue to get better and better for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryl said...

How cool of you to tag me dear friend. I am going to look at you so differently now when I see you in heels! LOL

Leigh said...

Thank you for tagging me! I will do this very soon! I know I am late, but I am sure, haha!