Monday, March 3, 2008

A little credit

I'm going to kind of tell the story backwards but you'll see why..

I got up early, my mind reeling with creative ideas of things to sew and things to create for my etsy shop. I got a very cute remnant of a shamrock fabric that had all Irish sayings on it. About 3/4 of a yard. It was time to create something with it. Well, I set out to make a certain skirt with a certain ruffle and could only find one tutorial with instructions that I couldn't understand.. SO.. I made the standard ruffle. And put it on the waist instead of the bottom. ARGH! Can I tell you how much these little mistakes make me feel like my brain is functioning at a very low level? Those kinds of stupid mistakes really upset me.

That brings me to my section called "a little credit"..

I did finish the patchwork twirly skirt from scraps of Lil Lady's summer dresses. And it came out smashingly. It was my first twirly skirt AND my first patchworking so I do feel a bit of accomplishment ~crowd roars here~ Lil Lady wanted to wear her skirt today so we had to find a shirt to match. I found a good one and she said "I don't like plain shirts".. then the wheels started turning and out came THIS

I do have to watch the fraying on the top (and grab some fray stop maybe?) This may not look like much to some but OMG!! I did this! Myself!! Rather easily!! LOL ok, I'll stop raving about myself LOLA little twirling...I usually don't post a picture with faces but come on, look at this!

So, with my setback this morning, *this* accomplishment has restored my faith in my sewing abilities. At least for now ;-)

3 comments: said...

oh - she is just a little poppet! what a sweet girl - who looks incredibly happy with her new outfit, which makes all the frustrations flow away pretty quick huh!!

I am always making silly sewing mistakes that make me want to kick myself, so you are not alone!!


EverythingIveGot said...

Thank you muchly!! And thank you. I'm pretty fond of her myself.. ~giggles~

Leigh said...

This is adorable!