Friday, May 7, 2010

"You are what you eat."

It's an interesting quote and, I'm finding more and more, very true. I have a Kinesthesiologist that I've recommended to many and have had my children go to for different issues (that's another post all together!) and she's a remarkable woman. Through strength testing, she can find what ails you. It's a site to be seen, honestly, and very difficult to describe.

Through watching my children and friends follow her recommendations, I've noticed some findings of my own.

When I'm not eating right, I feel awful. Ok, big shock, right? But indulge me a bit. I've found that eating too much dairy can make my thought process cloudy. I've found that eating chinese food, even 'without msg', makes me feel fuzzy headed, too. Eating a big breakfast out? I'm exhausted most of the day.

So, I'm saying that not only does the obvious candy bar make me feel icky but even a yogurt or a batch of pancakes can cloud my thinking. Enough to make me tired, heavy headed and unmotivated.

Take note of yourself. Watch how you feel after certain meals. I have a friend who truly acts a little drunk after eating pork of any kind! You can guarantee that after a slab of bacon, she can't sew straight. So, watch your eating. Drink more water. Try to eat more balanced. You may find that it's certain foods that are ailing you and nothing more.

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