Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

It's kind of a funny holiday if you think about it. If you are a child, you are "on" to treat your mother really well this day and behave yourself. If you are an adult and a mother, you have to try to balance between celebrating your *own* mother's day and your Mother's mother's day. When my mother was alive, it was this battle of wills for me. Guilt if I wanted to celebrate being a mother and pressure to make it all about my mom. There's another category too. The mother without a mother. Then, this holiday takes on a whole new dynamic. Wanting to celebrate your own mother's day but then sadness because your mother is gone. Sheesh! You can't win. You understand that, right? LOL I totally think Mother's Day was brought about by a Hallmark company marketing strategy. It's all about the economy--gift buying, restaurants, cards, etc. Ok ok, no one wants to hear my tirade on *that* subject so let me continue to

My Mother's Day--

We visited Galilee beach in RI, where my mother's ashes are spread.
Puppy Feet was on his way with his grandparents. He'd spent the week with them. So here are my oldest and youngest.
And me. Cold LOL
He adores her.

We write messages to Grandma.

And collect shells. And play with the rolling waves. (I didn't get pictures of the kids laughing hysterically after dinner and playing 'tag' with the waves. It was wonderful)

We had a nice dinner and celebrated my and my mother-in-law's mother's day at George's of Galilee. It was a great day. The ocean is a very cathartic place.

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. Wherever you are.

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