Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Isn't this the first weekend of fall? Bring in the rain! What up wit dat? Ok ok, I can't exactly pull off talking like that but hey, in blogland, I can do as I please!

So with the crummy weather comes crummy pictures! LOL

Here's the story...
I 'won' an auction on my favorite sewing place for this really "HTF" (that's 'hard to find' for your newbies out there ;-) ) fabric called, of all things, Icky Baby. Take a look at it, it's pretty cute. What it is not is easy to match! Sheesh! So I land a rust colored knit from JoAnn's red tag(clearance) section and it's a go!
And, for the record, if I'm going to spend $11 a YARD on a fabric, I'd better be making one my dear ones something with it! So I cut an Olivia dress on Friday night and early on Saturday morning, I sew up a rust colored and Icky Baby Olivia for Lil Lady. I even lined the hood which was tre cool UNTIL I am putting it together and find out that I cut the coveted Icky baby in the wrong direction, it won't stretch and, holy crap!, she'd better be able to get that over her head!

Well, here's the result-- a dress that she can get on but can't exactly wear the hood, sleeves that were WAY too long (what was I thinking?) but that she loves that way, and I (totally inadvertantly) cut the pocket with the two cute beaver guys right at the top and directly in the middle making it look like I did it on purpose and making it an extra notch on the cuteness scale.

Below you will find crummy rainy day pictures of a 5 y/o girl discovering the joy of an "Empty 3 player" (say it aloud and then laugh with me here!)

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