Monday, September 8, 2008


I love to see blogs where they put those wonderful little pictures in, get all one wordy and eloquent and life looks like a basket of roses and freshly picked strawberries..

So here's my attempt at such a thing:

Freshly baked apple crumble, our special dessert plates, and wonderful blue hydrangeas from my front yard.

The kids, being SO silly, rapping and jamming or something...??

And, yes, that's my oldest, making an appearance at the breakfast table.

It was a fun attempt at freshly baked apple crumble and cut hydrangeas anyway .. lol


Kris! said...

Life looks wonderful at your house! Any crumble left?

FYI, The Fabric Place in Framingham is going out of business at the end of the year...

EverythingIveGot said...

Thank you, Kris. And waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. I just heard... I hate that all the stores are closing :(