Friday, July 4, 2008



transitive verb

1: to permit or cause to leave
2: to remove from position or service :
3 a: to reject serious consideration of b: to put out of judicial consideration

Dismiss. Kind of an interesting word.

Meaning 1.
Remember being a kid in school or college? "Class was dismissed early today!" Was there any better feeling in the world than being 'dismissed'?

Meaning 2.
Not quite so thrilling. "Dismissed" from a job. Kind of the same as meaning 3 To reject serious considerating of

Ever been 'dismissed' in a conversation? Eek, it's a nasty feeling, isn't it? I'll admit it. I'm guilty of the act of being far superior and acting in a 'dismissive' way. It's not so grand when you are on the other side of that. "I can give you a few more minutes" Ick. Sounds yucky, doesn't it?

So therefore, I have come up with another goal for myself. To not act 'dismissive' to anyone. I'll add it to my character flaws that I'm currently working on.

(To recap, "Things to be thankful for" is a big one that's been a work in progress for a few years now)

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