Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I have an addiction..

To Fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, it's true. I'd have never thought it would happen to me but it has. In a bad way. I've gotten better. I sell something THEN buy more fabric but, alas, the money goes directly to fabric.

And what amazing fabric there is out there. Do you have any idea? If you don't sew, you may have a hard time understanding my unhealthy affection for fabric. Here's today's score--

The first is just a knit but half off of the red tag? Oh yes! I'm thinking Olivia dress with applique.. :D. The second one was under $1.50 and the pic does it no justice! The third is the softest most adorable Hippo knit, I mean come on! Who wouldn't love that?? The fourth.. oh my.. the fourth almost didn't come home with me. Long story short, I landed it as a remnant- 50% off $13 a yard, (that's a HIGH original price!). Can you see the wonderful horses embroidered on it? I'm in LOVE! And then the next, are those the cutest little animals on cordouroy you've ever seen? I've yet to see if Lil Lady thinks she's too big for it. She is Hannah Montana's biggest 5 yr old fan, after all. The last is another wonderful cordouroy. I think it would look great as a jumper or a skirt with a pink top.

Fabric makes me happy. LOL Ok laugh all you want. Sewing Mamas out there know! And the fact that I sold a bunch of stuff to buy the fabric is pretty cool too.


Kris! said...

I lived with a fabriholic mother. She was running with a bad crowd when she worked at the Fabric Place, she just had too much access. Please get help before you, too, end up with a basement full of fabric!!!

EverythingIveGot said...


THAT is funny!!!

Thanks for the hysterical laugh!
~running with a bad crowd~ LOL


Amy said...

Hello... my name is Amy and I'm a fabric-addict! I really hope there's no cure out there... 'cause I really like it!! LOL