Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wonderful Day!

~white ash tree~

A friend of ours organized a trip to a local spot, Capen Hill. It's a sanctuary off a busy highway. A quiet spot amidst noise and traffic. Just a lovely place to visit.

There were guided tours organized and the group was split into two- olders and youngers. It was a great time to connect with nature and get a little bit of an education, all in one! My camera battery was dead but thank you to Karen for letting me use these pics!

~ Lil Lady- Grouchified~

~not the salamanders we scooped but just like them~

~the frog Lil Lady spied!~

~the example of taxidermy and a wonderful lunch spot~

~that's me with Lil Lady looking at a find on the table (white hat, white shirt) ~

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