Friday, May 2, 2008

Custom Orders

Oh yes, I'm actually taking, and FILLING, custom orders! I'm still in shock. I mean, who am I, after all?

This is, yet, another post about "a little credit". I have trouble 'saying' it out loud but, yes, I can sew. I can create. And I am talented. ~gulp~ that last one was hard to type. After all the stupid mistakes I make, it's hard to consider myself skilled. However, look at some of my April accomplishments:


As requested from this:

A friend asked me if I could make her granddaughter Nurse Nancy's dress from this little book. Yes, it's a dress from a pattern from the late 50s. Yes, I located the right fabric. Yes, I created the apron by eye. The hat is still in the creation process but everything else, as you can see, is completed.

Then, there was the Alchemy request from Etsy that went from simple to hectic to ...well.. to be not so humble.. beautiful

There was my first show. There was the tutorial submission. There was the adding back of Lil Lady and my playgroup facilitating. There was the taking on another childcare job. And there were all the sewing projects that I did for Lil Lady, some simply for her, some as prototypes for the custom orders.

Such as:

It was finally warm and she needed shorts!

Then there was the Redondo prototype, which is my new favorite pattern!

Then, just to be sure that the capelet pattern wasn't any harder than it looked (and it wasn't but lining it was no picnic on the actual order)

And then, the Alchemy order that I'd hoped I'd finish today but I did work a 12 hr day today so perhaps I was aiming a tad high.. Cute Alexander Henry base for a Redondo and coordinating appliqued tank.

I'll bet I'm forgetting some things. Such as the opening of my new Etsy shop- which is going to provided weighted items- and the custom order of two lap pads.

April has been quite a month! It's been wild and stressful and exciting and invigorating, all in one. I do need to thank my family and friends for helping me get through this month and hanging in there with me.

Hey... anyone have a custom order??...

Much love XOX


Cheryl said...

Ugh, I am drooling over that Redondo skirt. What lovely work you do and I have seen it in person to know. But now I must see that skirt on your beautiful daughter!

EverythingIveGot said...

Thanks, Cheryl!~ I'll have her wear it next time we see you!

Suzanne said...

Hey congratulations--all the sewing looks just beautiful! Love that skirt, I couldn't picture what you were talking about but whoa ...nice. And the nurse outfit , how cute is that!

Leigh said...

I am so proud for you! You are really soaring!!! Beautiful work!!!

EverythingIveGot said...

Thank you, All!! ~blushing!~

Kris! said...

I am glad you have been so inpired to bring out this wonderful talent!