Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Ramblings

I've been horribly neglectful of my blog. Keeping updated is one of the ways to keep alive, here on the 'net!

I'd like to join in on something that I heard mentioned in webland..

For the month of November, post something you are thankful for. Every day. Could be on Twitter or Facebook or on your blog but post.

I think of when I was younger and how I'd complain so much. Eek, embarassing to think about now! Complaining isn't good for your spirits. It just makes you feel worse. And then, if you have a friend who is the same way, it turns into a contest of who has the worst life. What???!! That's nonsense. There are so many things that are blessings in our lives. If you are a believer or not, there are wonderful things that happen each and every day that are reason to make us smile, raise our spirits and be more pleasant about.

So, give it a whirl. I'm already late but I'm going to start with four today since today is the fourth. And there are 4 easy ones :

I am thankful for

1. My husband--- ok, I'm not one of those who will tell you it's all peaches and roses but I will tell you
                              that I love how he'll make me tea at night. Or how he tries his very best to help out. Or
                               how he's NOT an alcoholic. (sounds lame but when you grew up with what I did, it's a                             wonderful thing )

2. My Oldest--   The Challenge of a Lifetime. Boy, does that child fire me up! But he's shown me so much. From the day he was born. I never knew how very much my mother loved  me until I looked into his face. I could thank her from the bottom of my heart and know what it was like.
Beyond that, he's so smart and he's quick witted and can be the most gentle, charming old soul and I love that about him.

3. Puppy Feet--  "The baby who stayed" My baby after I'd lost 2 pregnancies. My saving grace from the moment he was born. He's a ray of light that never dims and SO flippin' funny!!!

4. Lil Lady--       The girl that Mom said I had to have. What an amazing girl-- affectionate, silly, clever,
and a great shopping pal! Our shining star.

Those are my top four things to be thankful for.

Fall is my favorite season. With it's crisp air and bright blue skies. My favorite holiday is in the fall. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to celebrate family and wonderful foods and to reflect how very thankful we are. Why not think about how thankful we are the whole month? Will you join in?

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