Sunday, March 14, 2010

There are days...

.. when counting your blessings is more than just a little difficult. Sheesh, some moments today had me taking deep breaths to the point of almost hyperventiliating!! LOL Ever have one of *those* days?

But, even with the cold, dreary rain for the second day in a row and with breaking two needles and throwing off my machine's rhythm, with children bickering over *nothing* (pretty convinced that that is their favorite pastime) it was still a glorious day! We had fun with friends for St Patty's day, yummy food, great company, happy children, a roof over our heads and a job for Stan to go to as well as a new little job for me.

God is good. Days are good too. Not all day long but sometimes just living moment to moment is all your sanity can withstand and that's still a good thing.

Blessings are everywhere. We just have to recognize them.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for reminding me. I seem to need alot of reminding lately!