Sunday, March 28, 2010


 On Friday, I woke, as usual, and got my oldest off to school. He was *super* late, lolly gaggy and dragging his feet at every turn. I had my coffee and surfed the net a little then woke the two younger chitlins. And it began, again. The nonsense, bickering and mind numbing behavior that I'd just attempted to recover from the day before.

  I called my trusty friend and asked "how am I going to get through another day of this?" In the meantime, my husband beeped in. Twice. So I told her "I'll call you back" and took the call. He was calling to see if I wanted a muffin or something decadent on his way home. Way home??! at 9:10 am?! Well, his truck was still needing repairs, he'd done all the busy work they had for him the day before and he had 40 hrs so he was coming home! "Oh, please, tend to the kids today so I can sew?!"

Thank. You. Lord.

I sewed the day away. Making sure I made Lil Lady her spring wardrobe. In a style she'll wear and something I can be happy with and it mixes and matches. Somewhat.

Here're are couple of the outfits. The other is in the wash already.
Swing top with side zip capris( gaming pose)--
All knit with cotton lycra waistband. The neckline gave me FITS:

Also, I got some sewing done for a "Mama Swap" I'm involved with. I took these two terrific patterns from
One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric!

"Smock of All Ages" made with Michael Miller's Ginger Blossom.
and "Beach-Time Towel Tote". The pictures do it no justice. This is one cool bag and towel in one!

I hope the recipients like these as much as I do! LOL The instructions were terrific, too. The apron took a tiny bit more than a yard (maybe because I washed and dried the fabric first?) but that was ok. I had it.
And you can find out more from the author of the tote here! She pictures it better than I did.

So, all in all, did I retain my sanity? Well, that's up for debate but I did feel *much* better after.
 Blessings counted.


calicodaisy said...

Ha! You really made my bag! I was so excited to see your comment and know that someone liked and understood my pattern. Did you see the flickr set I created to show what the bag can do? It's on the left sidebar of my blog page. Please let me know what you thought of the instructions. Each person authored her own submission. I've sent a second idea in for the OYW2.
-- michele

calicodaisy said...
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calicodaisy said...

I was so delirious that you made my bag and blogged about it, I just looked at the photos before reading the words! Thanks for linking to my blog. I hope your friend enjoys the bag. Now I need to make a few, too!

Jennifer said...

Love the bag and smock. Lil Lady is so funny in those pics!
Looks like she likes what you made!