Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Day In The Life of A Homeschooling Family

I've not done one of these in a long time .. ever?..

Here's a blurb of our day:

Up, showered, breakfasted and out by 10 am to go on an adventure to Spider Gates. It's an amazing place. Our family had been there before-- to geocache-- but love the walk and the stories behind the mystery. In short, it's a wonderful little VERY OLD graveyard dedicated to Quaker families. Legends abound but, regardless, the coins on the gravestones are a pretty neat fact to share! This time, we had our friends come with us.

Some pictures to share:
Yes, all those who had them brought their cloaks. It was Puppy Feet's idea but, no worries, we didn't do any pagan or satanic rituals.

A little game of "Pooh Sticks"

Hey! It looks like a skull under the waterfall! (ok, may be difficult to see here but it was neat!)

After that, we came home and had lunch. Chores were tended to and then everyone took a break(which included the shiny box with lights ) After a bit of that, Lil Lady and I played a round of a CandyLand knock off and then a math game the kids got for Christmas. Puppy Feet pulled Dad aside, who came home early from work, and played a game of Chess. I finished sewing an outfit for Lil Lady and Puppy Feet made a cake!

Later, after playing outside riding scooters and 'planting' (uh a little too early but don't try to explain that to Lil Lady), a friend came by to hang out and The Oldest went off to Confirmation class. Dinner was yummy. I, then, went to church service, children used the homemade frosting I whipped up to frost the cake, and the night went on with the usual avoiding-bedtime routine.

That concludes a mini-day in the life of a homeschooler. Not so bad..... We kinda like it.

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