Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Today is the official 'first' day of spring. Wooohoo!! Ok, it *would* be nice if it weren't in the 30s outside ~brr~

This marks the kick off for a SewingMamas Etsy Team that I've joined up with. We have a blog complete with a whole bunch of talented Mamas just trying to share their creativity. Please, think about shopping with us if you are looking for a wonderful Spring/Easter/Birthday/etc gift.

In more shameless self-promoting news, I'm also going to be at The 36th Annual Heritage Craft Fair this Saturday, March 21. It's a fundraiser for The Heritage Chorale, a non-profit community chorus. I'll have all sorts of clothing and eye pillows and who knows what else! I'll *also* have my partner in crime, J-fer, who will be premiering her handmade cards! Should be a fun day(that's 10-4 in case anyone wants to come out!)

Posted below are some of what I'm bringing(and have listed in my shops)

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