Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Working Working

I've been a busy chicka lately. At least this week I'm not feeling as completely overwhelmed. I think it's a combination of things but possibly the largest thing is DS#1 took a little "vacation" over at Grannie and Grampa's. Grampa was going on a business trip; Grannie didn't want to stay alone. He stepped up. He can be sweet and chivalric like that ;-)

I think the break was good for all of us emotionally but also not having that karate schedule of three nights a week was NICE! Even if it was only a couple of nights off.
Anyway, here's a little of what I've been up to (custom orders and for us)

Weighted lap pad to fill my SensoryShoppe
Hannah Montana slippers for LilLady that were an ok first attempt but, come on, you know you want to laugh at what I did with the faces on the slippers!
Monster Girl costumes for Lil Lady and one of the girls she looks up to. (ya, super, have to copy the one girl we know that wants to be 'goth' for Halloween LOL) I'm not totally finished but hey, not a bad replica so far, eh? ;-)
Wonderful, and I mean WONDERFUL, organic flax seed and lavendar eye pillows. Honestly, you MUST have one of these. Lil Lady and I kept passing them back and forth. "You try it" .."Oh that's nice, now YOU try it"
A simple Dorothy costume for a custom order
An even more simple one for the shop
And the matching headband modeled by Lil Lady

Now, to get the panties (oh yes, another custom order I decided to take on!), Word Girl cape, weighted blanket, cape for Puppy Feet, pirate costume for DS#1, oh and what else...

Hey, heck with it tonight, I'll tell ya! I just picked up SEX AND THE CITY from Redbox! G'nite, All!!

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