Sunday, October 12, 2008

14th Anniversary Celebration

So, Oct 2 was hubby and my 14th wedding anniversary. Oct 1 was my in laws' 48th anniversary. To celebrate these events, my inlaws graciously invited us to a night out with dinner and to see Dave Brubeck's Quartet. If you don't recognize his name, google "Take Five" and you'll go "Oh ya!"

I'm not a huge fan of jazz. My husband is. Maybe you aren't either, however, before you stop reading, if you EVER have the opportunity to see jazz live, jump on it! Better yet, take a leap of faith and buy tickets to the next Dave Brubeck appearance in your neck of the woods. You will NOT regret it.

The music is mind boggling. I'm not particularly musically inclined but even I can see that these guys are AMAZING. Dave Brubeck is brilliant. And hysterically funny! I'm serious. These guys have been rockin' in out for decades yet are smiling, laughing and cracking inside jokes while performing. Then, when Dave gets up to the mic to talk, he's a riot! So dry and entertaining!

What a great night. ..definately adding this to my list of 'things to be thankful for..'

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Leigh said...

Happy (late) Anniversary!!!!