Friday, August 22, 2008

To Be or Not To Be

I've seen it mentioned in other blogs- privacy, or lack thereof.

Does one divulge 'secrets' in a blog or not?

I'm feeling drawn to share my day yesterday. The good. The bad. And the ugly. (oh yes, there'll be pictures)

Yesterday was possibly the worst day I've had since my mother died 6 1/2 years ago. Yesterday was a sobering day. A humbling day. The kind of day that checks you out, sticks a fork in you and sends you on your way.

The dh has a job. I've said this before. Prior to that, we had unemployment checks and their health insurance. His unemployment ran out but he qualified for the extra weeks the government was handing out. They were not issuing those checks until--well, come to find out-- today. We were two weeks without that money. And, because there were no checks, there's no health insurance. Double whammy.

Which brings me to what happened yesterday. Monday, the application was sent in for ever so humbling Mass Health Insurance. Yesterday, however, my Lil Lady had a sore throat. I suspected it was strep. I called in to her doctor, they made me an appointment. I showed up with her and asked around and sure enough, found out they'd "bill" me. That's great, People. I don't have it now, I am not going to have it then either.

So, Sweet Lil Lady and I took our spare change and went to the ER for a cost free visit. The rapid test came back positive for strep (not to mention my throat was hurting too, still is) and she had scratched a bug bite into a not so friendly looking state so the antibiotics would take care of both.

Three hours later, we walk out of the ER, cookies in hand, to pay the parking with quarters, dimes and nickles. I had $2 worth but it came to $3. Um, ok, I happened to have $1.24 in my account so I paid $2 cash, $1 on debit. Good thing she's only 5 and doesn't notice.

I then go home, pick up the kids (thanks again, JC), and grab DH's bucketful of change. We go to the market, pour the change in, and find out we have $39.90 worth. Buy oldest child a box of cereal so he'll stop complaining that his favorite cereals are all gone and head to W-Mart for the prescription.

The whole time I'm sweating because I have $35 in my hand, will that be enough for the prescription. I'm praying and praying.. Please let it be enough, please let it be enough..

I then look at my phone and DH has texted me that we've gotten $50 put in our account from family. Thank you God and family I breathe a little easier, find out the script will be $35.68, pick up a few more things and head home.

I just start to feel better. I sigh a huge sigh of relief. I make some simple dinner (bagels with ham and egg sandwiches) and send the kids to watch tv.

Then, it happens.


Lil Lady not only fell down the whole set of hardwood steps, she rolled head over heels, then sideways, right. to. the. bottom.

She's crying, I'm anxious-- do I have to go back to the ER?=-- she's bruised across the nose, two huge eggs on her head, another small bump, some bleeding from the nose and a fat lip. Then, she falls asleep. ACK. There's more crying as ds2 finds out the dumb #$(&# dog ate his dinner. DS1 comes in and asks where's HIS dinner? I'm thinking "Can this be for real?" DH is out at work until the following day.

Well, the long and short of it is, Lil Lady woke up for me, her pupils were responsive, there was no vomiting, she was checking her face out in the mirror a couple hours later and slept with me that night.

Here's a picture but, honestly, it does the actual damage done to her face no justice. And below that, a reminder of how beautiful she truly is.

Update: A CAT scan 6 days later showed that she did, in fact, fracture her skull. A hairline, small fracture, but a fracture none the less. Many thanks, God, that it wasn't anything more than that.

Things to be thankful for- we didn't have to go back to the ER last night.


Kris! said...

Ugh. We continue to pray for you, now that dh has a job. It is time to heal from all of this crazyness and thank God for bringing you through it. We're looking forward to seeing you again soon--I understand I will even be seeing you tonight!

EverythingIveGot said...

We are so thankful and praying for the strength to get the rest of the way through!


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, my heart rate was just going up through that whole post. Praise the Lord that things weren't worse but hopefully it's been a quiet few days for you after that.