Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back Online!


I truly don't know what was worse. Having no internet hook up or having no land line (home phone). What a month!

Here are some pictures to catch you all up on our month without hookup:

ok, I lied. I can't get DH's memory card to work. here are a FEW things we did recently:

My nephew's christening. I made Lil lady and I coordinating outfits. Mine was a self-drafted skirt with pleats even! I even made the top out of the most buttery knit evah! Hers was a from a vintage pattern with retro fabric and with vintage buttons! (ya, I had some fun with that!)

Lil lady lost her first tooth!

And some random fun. I'm making a concerted effort to actually play with the kids more. Let's not talk about the realization that I barely ever play with them. Sigh. In my defense, I may have done ALL my playing with my oldest, who is now a teenager and ornery and argumentative and exhausting.. And why am I not playing with my younger two more again..? Like I said, playing with the kids more. I actually enjoy playing with playdo. It's therapeutic! Here are some of lil lady's creations why I blog (LOL yes, I did play recently!) First is a nice butterfly. Second is.. well, can you guess? I'll give you the answer soon. Feel free to leave your guess in my comments! Hey.. this could be my first contest..... ~wheels-a-turnin'~

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Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to see you are playing with your kids. It is always hard to convince them, mine at least, that I didn't come out of the womb as an adult.

I played dolls with mine the other day.