Sunday, June 20, 2010



Gotta love 'em.

Well, this was a big weekend at our home. Saturday was the Kids' Family Party where we combine all three kids into one big party. Usually a fun time. We had a great cookout, beautiful weather, squirt guns, you know-- good kid stuff.

Then there's Father's Day.  Well, there's a juggling act. It's my father's birthday and then it's Father's Day. But not just for him. There's my father in law and my good ole husband's Father's Day too. What's a chickie to do? Why, have everyone over again for brunch! Yippee!

Watermelon balled by Puppy Feet, kiwi sliced for Little Lady and, sheesh, did The Oldest even eat anything? Double batch of scones, four different omlets, egg salad for sandwiches, tomato juice (complete with celery), orange juice and hot, strong coffee. Yum!

After all that, I brought out the brownies with candles, we sang to Dad and wallowed in the humid heat. Wow.. that was a LOT of work! We all had a nice enough time until.. bum bum bum.... The Bomb.

Well, not to air too much dirty laundry but DH and I were informed that the "surprise" anniversary party we were planning for his parents was not welcomed and don't have it. Don't have it early, don't have it at our house, don't have it in the heat, don't have it a surprise. Oh, but if we want, we can arrange it at their house later if we want. Um, ya, no, thanks. All set.

So needless to say, we're a bit partied out for a good long time.
Where are the pics and all the fun? Well, my camera took a bath in the sink (by mistake) and I've no pics :( But I do have this GREAT one from my friend's blog and it makes us laugh out loud just *thinking*about how funny this is. Enjoy!

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