Monday, January 19, 2009

My Beautiful Accomplishment

Admire the beauty....

Ok, I'll admit. I have to send out huge props to J-fer who helped me TREMENDOUSLY with this enormous endeavor.

Stash pics (nice blurry ones ..sheesh)

It's a sight of beauty, isn't it? It's an oasis with a wonderful soy lavendar scented candle that burns while I'm in there. The kids can visit (only with positive energy, please). People can come in and actually SIT on the couch and not fall off the one little section that maybe they could push back some fabric from. I even have Lil Lady's easel in there so she can do some 'creating' on her own.

I'm loving it!
And along with this 'exposure' of sorts is a link to a birthday celebration that I'm joining in on!

1 comment:

Morgaine said...

Looks really great. Your creative should be trully free now.